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  1. Electric Aggregation Program Update

    You may have heard residents or rival companies saying that electric aggregation contracts are going to expire/be interrupted. We’d like you to know that your aggregation program is going to continue uninterrupted & you have nothing to worry about. Read on...
  2. Aurora Receives Fitch "AAA" Bond Rating

    Fitch Ratings has affirmed Aurora's "AAA" bond rating, the highest possible, following a detailed review which employed a stricter methodology in the rating process than in previous years. Read on...
  3. A Coyote is in Your Backyard. What Should You Do?

    If you see a coyote in your yard or neighborhood, follow the guidelines provided by the Ohio Department of Wildlife. If a coyote becomes aggressive, call the Aurora Police Department at 330-562-8181. Coyote mating occurs between late January & March. Additional Info...
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