The following guidelines apply to Aurora Parks and Recreation facilities. Certain facilities may have additional rules and regulations that are specific to that area, and will be provided upon completion of the application process.

Reservation Resources

Park Rates & Fees
Boating Rental

Rental Type
Rental Time
Residents Non-Residents
Fishing Boat Rental 4 hour rental $10 $15
All day rental $15 $20
Paddle Boat Rental 1-hour rental $10 $15
2-hour rental $15 $20
All day (max 3 boats) $60 $90
Boat Launch
Free $5
Note: A family pass is considered to be immediate family, living in the same household with a maximum of 5 members. Children under 10 years of age are free. All fishing is catch and release.

Pavilion & Gazebo Rental Fees

Park Location Pavilion & Gazebo Location
Resident Fee
Non-Resident Fee

Sunny Lake South End Pavilion $90 $180
North End Pavilion $80 $160
Public Fundraiser
Event Rentals*
$150 $300
Kiwanis-Moore Park Pavilion $50 $100
Gazebos (Bicentennial, Breezy Point) Wedding Photos Only $0 $0
$25 $70
Each additional hour $25 $35
* Note: Public events would be defined as any event that has an open registration or invitation to the general public.  Fee is to be paid by the event organizer. The rental fee includes 1 of the 2 main pavilions based on availability. Resident groups are defined as a group whose primary purpose and base of operations is located within the City of Aurora.

Athletic Ballfield Rental Fees

Field Location Type Resident Non-Resident
Ballfields (all fields except Sherwin Field #5/varsity) Games  Utilization Fee
 Practices Utilization Fee $10/practice or $100/season
Sherwin Field (#5/varsity) Games/Practices $30/use  Not permitted
 Tournaments $30/use $200/game