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AYFA NON-TACKLE FOOTBALL starts August 1st, 2016, with some major changes from last year. These changes include adding certified referees to games, supplying shoulder pads and helmets (3rd through 6th grades only), and having coaches who will be certified in both concussion protocol and coaching through USA Football.  

Certified referees from the WRYFL (Western Reserve Youth Football League) will be used for both the tackle and non-tackle games for grades 3rd through 6th.  This change will result in an improved game experience for the Non-Tackle players and allow them to learn what the proper rules of football are. 

The addition of shoulder pads and helmets for the 3rd through 6th grades is designed to help the players get accustomed to wearing and playing with the equipment they could eventually use should they decide to advance to tackle football in the future.  By continuing to utilize flags as the only way to “tackle” the ball carrier, the Non-Tackle leagues prevent the hard contact that occurs in tackle football. This provides a safe alternative to our tackle league while learning the game of football.

Sponsored by the NFL, USA Football has been certifying the tackle coaches for years through an online concussion and coaching class, on the field coaching clinics, and Heads up Tackling principles.  Including Non-Tackle coaches in the program this year will improve the quality of the coaches in the league and result in a much safer environment for the players of the Non-Tackle league.


AYFA Non-Tackle is also adding a Pre-K league which is designed to be extremely introductory and more importantly fun. This league will start the foundation of Aurora Football where they will begin the process of learning the basic fundamentals, drills and plays used by our high school team.

There are a number of changes to the Non-Tackle league this year but one thing that remains the same is the weekly time commitment for these players.  This season will be is slightly longer than last year since the official season starts in early August but the weekly practice schedules will remain the same.  Pre-K through 2nd grades will practice once per week while the 3rd through 6th grades will still practice two times per week.  Games will be played early Sunday mornings so we can utilize the same officials that referee the tackle league later in the day and all games will be played on turf at the high school field. 

Lastly, the AYFA has been working with the city of Aurora and the schools to move all football players to practice on the same field area at similar times. This year AYFA is proud to announce there will be an estimated 250 plus kids all working together in the same area between the high school and Harmon Middle School.  AYFA is building a culture in Aurora youth football and our motto is: "It's more than a team, it’s a family.”

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