The Service Department will be conducting its fall maintenance at the Aurora Cemetery. ALL decorations must be removed BEFORE November 4; new and seasonal items may be placed on the gravesites AFTER November 15.  The Department appreciates compliance with this matter to retain the beauty and sacredness of the cemetery grounds.  Questions may be directed to the Service Center at (330) 995-9116. 

The Aurora Cemetery

The main entrance to the Aurora Cemetery is located on SR 43, next to the  Aurora Police Department (100 South Aurora Road).   It is divided into regular sections (A,B,C,D,E,F,GB, I)  and one Veterans Section (G). Burials date back to its establishment in 1829. As of December 31, 2018 there are 3,093 burials. 
The Service Department maintains the grounds and has two scheduled clean ups per year in the spring and fall.  Grave tenders may decorate respective gravesites with fresh flowers, plants, and seasonal decorations throughout the year.  The deparment does exercise the right to remove any weathered and unseasonal decorations.  

Gravesites are available for sale.  You may request a tour of the cemetery area by calling the Service Department. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for additional information.  
The Service Director serves as the Cemetery Sexton for the City of Aurora.    

To locate a burial in the Aurora Cemetery, please click onto the link below
Aurora Cemetery Archives
Interactive Cemetery Map

If there are any corrections or additional information, please advise  our office at 330-995-9119.