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Trash Collection
About Trash Services
Per City Ordinance 1997-38, all residential households that require trash removal must utilize the city’s designated trash hauler. Rumpke is the designated trash hauler for residential trash pickup and the fee for each level of service will remain as stated below until December 31, 2016.

Each household is responsible for registering and selecting a level of service suitable to its needs. Please call Rumpke for service at 800-828-8171. There are three levels of service to choose from:
10-Bag Service 60-Gallon Service Super Service
Costs $10 per box
Pre-printed 30 gallons 
Will benefit the infrequent user
Bags are delivered via US Postal Service; order through Rumpke
$36.90/per quarter
Disposal of up to 60-gallons of trash
Additional charge for bulk item
See “bulk item” list below.
$37.65/per quarter
Disposal of up to 15 30-gallon bags (or equivalent) of trash, PLUS bulk items (listed below)  at no additional cost. 

  • Use proper containers: metal and/or plastic cans with lids, barrels, or sealed plastic bag with thickness of at least 1.5 millimeters (with a maximum capacity of 30-gallons per bag). No container or bag shall weigh more than 50 pounds. Cardboard boxes are not acceptable containers.  
  • Place trash at curb before 7 a.m. on the date of scheduled pickup.
  • Holiday pickup delayed on New Years, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas if holiday falls on a pick up date, Monday through Thursday.  
  • Make payment timely to prevent discontinuation of service.
  • Call customer service for direction in disposal of any items not listed in bulk items and to register complaints and concerns.

Bulk Items List
Item Fee
Air conditioner (window)* $25
Bath tub $25
Bulk / approved construction material per can / bundle $25
Chair (upholstered) $25
Chair (wood) $25
Dishwasher $25
Dryer $25
Freezer* $25
Hot Water Tank $25
Incinerator $25
Loose material (per container) $25
Mattress $25
Refrigerator* $25
Shower / tub Unit $25
Sink $25
Sofa $25
Springs $25
Stationary tubs $25
Stove / oven $25
Swing set (disassembled) $25
Table $25
Television $25
Tires (automobile) contact tire dealer for disposal $25
Toilet and tank $25
Yard waste, brush / per bundle $25
Yard waste, brush, loose in can $25
Yard Waste, grass clippings per bag $25
Washer $25
Miscellaneous material unable to be contained not to exceed 50 lbs $25

service director photo

John E. Trew, AICP

Linda Hricik

Secretary and Recycling Coordinator

Brown-Keidel Service Center
158 West Pioneer Trail
Aurora, OH 44202

Ph: 330-995-9116
Fx: 330-562-1306

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.