Economic Development

Development Initiative Purpose

The Economic Development (ED) initiative in Aurora is intended to be a resource for existing businesses as well as those businesses and industries interested in locating in Aurora. The department’s goal is to pursue all types of economic development opportunities combined with a responsive approach when addressing the needs of all types of businesses and manufacturing facilities.

The ED maximizes the departmental capabilities of the City of Aurora and leverages the needed assets to ensure that the commercial and industrial growth of the City satisfies all strategic and financial priorities.

Economic Development Leadership

The ED is led by the Director and supported by the Mayor. Additionally, the Economic Development Board acts as a strategic and operational resource to provide insight and direction. The Board consists of five outside members, the Mayor, ED Director, and President of City Council. The Board meets three to four times annually and assembles as needed.

Economic Achievements

Aurora, Ohio has successfully attracted diverse businesses within its borders including
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Instrument development
  • Automotive products
  • Service
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Leisure
Aurora's excellent schools, recreational opportunities, quaint small-town character and charm also make this city an outstanding location in which to work, live and raise a family.

Economic Features of Aurora

Aurora offers many shovel-ready commercial properties for purchase, an eager workforce, reliable utilities, convenient transportation, affordable taxes, and an overall quality of life that makes Aurora one of Cleveland Magazine's Top 10 suburbs in Northeast Ohio. Consider making Aurora your corporate home.

Administration Partners

The administration of Aurora, Ohio is pleased to partner with business and industry and assist in meeting the immediate and ongoing needs of the corporate community - from land acquisition, labor needs, and commercial incentives to reliable energy, zoning, transportation and more. To that end, Aurora's Department of Economic Development (ED) is an immediate resource for existing businesses as well as those interested in relocating to Aurora, Ohio. In fact, to get you started on your search, here is a list of the frequently asked questions we receive from businesses and industry looking to establish or relocate a business in Aurora, Ohio.

Current Businesses in Aurora

Aurora, Ohio is an ideal location to establish and grow a business. It is currently home to light manufacturing technology, distribution and professional services. Additionally, retail, restaurants and hospitality businesses are successfully established in Aurora's business district. Their continued success is our mission.

Top 10 Reasons To Relocate Your Business in Aurora

Here are the top 10 reasons to relocate or establish your business in Aurora, Ohio.

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