Fire Safety Inspections
The Aurora Fire Department conducts fire safety inspections of the following facilities on a regular basis in the city:
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Nursing
  • Religious
These inspections are performed by state certified fire safety inspectors in our department under the direction of the assistant fire chief. These inspections focus on the requirements of the Ohio Fire Code (PDF).

The fire safety of the employees, customers, product, building, and firefighters are the objective of the inspections. High life-safety occupancies, such as the nursing and hotel facilities, are also inspected by the State of Ohio Fire Marshal annually.

Inspections for code compliance, installation acceptance testing, according to approved designs, and required maintenance are made for fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and specialized fire suppression systems.

Certificate-of-occupancy inspections are conducted with the Aurora Planning, Zoning, and Building Department's inspector for new facilities and change of use of a facility.

Residential Inspections
Residential fire safety inspections are gladly conducted by requesting an appointment. Many house fires are caused by misuse of flammable / combustible materials and heat producing appliances. Often your familiarity with your surroundings can lead to an oversight of a serious fire hazard or practice. An inspection will be an educational experience for the whole family and not judgmental or punitive.

Adoption & Foster Care
Residents considering adoption or fostering will need to have their homes inspected and a form from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) completed. The ODJFS caseworker will supply the form and explain the inspection.

Contact the Fire Department for an appointment for the ODJFS inspection.