Permits & Fees

*Fire Department Permits & Fees

The Aurora Fire Department issues permits for the installation and modifications of the following in the City of Aurora:
  • Life safety equipment
  • Tents
  • Fireworks
  • Flammable and combustible liquid tanks
Plans should be submitted to the Fire Department in triplicate where they will be reviewed and passed on to the Aurora Building Department for approval. Upon approval the Fire Department will issue a permit and coordinate installation inspections and acceptance testing with the contractor. Contractors must be registered to work within the City of Aurora with the Aurora Planning, Zoning, and Building Department.

Permit Process

Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Submit: shop drawings, hydraulic calculations, and sprinkler data sheets
  • Permit fee:
    • New systems are $257.50 up to 300 heads; call for fee for over 300 heads.
    • Modification to a fire sprinkler system cost $128.75

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Submit: shop drawings, battery calculations, and equipment data sheets
  • Permit fee: $25.75

Hood Fire Suppression Systems

  • Submit: shop drawings and equipment data sheets
  • Permit fee: $25.75

Special Suppression Systems

  • Submit: shop drawings and equipment data sheets
  • Permit fee: $25.75
*A Building Department Plan Review Fee of $016/hour may apply to all of the above permits.


  • Needed for: tents greater than 400 square feet, canopies (tents open on all sides) greater than 700 square feet
  • Submit: completed application including the requested information
  • Permit fee: $25.75
  • Tent Permit Application


  • Needed for: all fireworks exhibitions in the City of Aurora
    • Discharge of fireworks without a permit is strictly prohibited in the State of Ohio. The permit form is obtained from the State Fire Marshal.
    • Failure to obtain an approved Fireworks Permit at least 5 days prior to the fireworks exhibition may result in denial to conduct the fireworks exhibition.
  • Permit submission must include: completed permit form, insurance certification, exhibitor and assistants licenses, Ohio Manufacturing License, out-of-state shipper's permit, ATF (alcohol, tobacco, firearms) license, workers' compensation certificate, product list, site map, and written permission from property owners
  • Permit fee: $25.75
    • The Aurora Fire Department must be present at all fireworks exhibition setups, displays, and post exhibition clean-up. There may be a fee charged for these services. Please call for an estimate of the charges.

Flammable & Combustible Liquid Tanks

  • A permit is required from the State Fire Marshal and plans submitted to the Aurora Fire Department.
  • Permit fee: Contact the State Fire Marshal to obtain the fee during the permitting process.