Pavilion & Gazebo Rental Fees

Park Location Pavilion & Gazebo Location
Resident Fee
Non-Resident Fee

Sunny Lake Park
885 E. Mennonite Road
South End Pavilion (boathouse) $90 $180
North End Pavilion-CLOSED $80 $160
Public/Event Fundraiser* $100 $200
   Private Event $150  $300  
Gazebos (Bicentennial, Breezy Point) Wedding Photos Only $0 $0
$25 $70
Each additional hour $25 $35
  • Public events would be defined as any event that has an open registration or invitation to the general public.
  • A private event would be defined as any event that does not have open registration, is invitation only and closed to the general public.
  • Resident groups are defined as a group whose primary purpose and base of operations is located within the City of Aurora.
  • Fee is to be paid by the event organizer. A rental fee includes 1 of the 2 main pavilions based on availability.

Park Rates & Fees

Boating Rental

Rental Type
Rental Time


Fishing Boat Rental 4 hour rental $10 $15
All day rental $15 $20
Paddle Boat Rental 1-hour rental $10 $15
2-hour rental $15 $20
All day (max 3 boats) $60 $90
 Kayaks  1-hour rental
2-hour rental
Boat Launch
Free $5
Note: A family pass is considered to be immediate family, living in the same household with a maximum of 5 members. Children under 10 years of age are free. All fishing is catch and release.