Tree Management

Benefits of Trees
Trees are an integral component of Aurora’s urban environment and one of our most cherished assets. Studies have shown that street trees not only beautify neighborhoods but also:
  • Increase property values
  • Stabilize the soil by controlling wind and water erosion
  • Reduce noise levels and cleanse pollutants
  • Produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide
  • Decrease residential energy consumption
  • Provide habitat to wildlife
For these reasons, city trees are an investment worthy of proper and dedicated care.

Tree Ordinance

The City Arborist is responsible for the enforcement of the Tree Ordinance (this code regulates all aspects of tree care including planting, removal, and pruning operations, as well as tree protection), and overseeing all tree care activities for trees on City property. City property includes:
  • Parks
  • Streets
  • Wooded areas
  • Rights-of-ways
  • Conservation areas
The City Arborist also reviews and approves landscape plans for new developments, and responds to a myriad of resident questions and concerns.

Tree City USA

Currently the City is responsible for the maintenance of nearly 8,000 street and park / facility trees. Tree maintenance includes everything from planting, pruning, removal, to keeping current on the latest care and control methods. In 1992, the City of Aurora earned the national recognition for our Street Tree Program from the National Arbor Day Foundation. Since that time, Aurora has continued to receive this award known nationally as a "Tree City USA".

Aurora’s Tree Program Basic Aspects
  • An informed and supportive public
  • Annual Tree Action Plan
  • Street and Park Tree Inventory and database management
  • Street and Park Tree Maintenance Activities
  • Street and Park Tree Planting Activities
  • The Tree Commission
  • The Tree Ordinance