Planning, Zoning & Building

The purpose of the Planning, Zoning and Building Department is to preserve and enhance Aurora’s character and quality of life by administering the city’s subdivision, zoning ordinances, and building codes.  The staff provides guidance to residents and businesses requesting information related to property, zoning, development issues and construction standards. Other activities performed by the department include review of new residential subdivisions, open space and wetland protection and the planning for future growth of the City of Aurora.

The Planning, Zoning and Building Department is responsible for all development-related activities in the city, from initial pre-submittal conferences to occupancy of new facilities. Our staff consists of a director, assistant director, building inspector, zoning inspector, three-person clerical staff, GIS technician, and various part-time employees on contract. Services include:
  • Issuing building permits
  • Monitoring progress of construction through inspections
  • Managing current land uses
  • Enforcing the city’s zoning code
  • Long-and short range-planning
  • Providing guidance to residences and businesses on zoning and development issues
More Information
Please call us at 330-562-9564 to have your specific questions answered by the appropriate staff member.