Parking Laws & Violations

It shall be the policy of the Aurora Police Department to enforce all parking violations on public and private property open to the public within the City of Aurora. Individuals receiving parking tickets have the option of paying a fine as described on the citation or appealing the citation through the Parking Violations Bureau established under Ohio Revised Code 5421.08.

In the event someone wishes to appeal a parking citation with the Parking Violations Bureau, the dispatcher will provide the appropriate appeal from to be filled out by the appellant. Upon the return of the completed form, the Chief of Police of Lieutenant will review the appeals form prior to any appeals hearing to determine if the appeal has merit. If it is determined that the appeal has no merit, the appellant will be notified that their appeal has been denied and they shall appear before the hearing officer if they wish to contest the ticket further. If the appeal is granted, the Chief or Lieutenant will forward the appeal to the hearing officer with the explanation and recommendation on the citation. 

The defendant does not need to be present at the hearing if (s)he has provided documentary evidence prior to the day of the hearing.

Individuals who fail to acknowledge parking tickets either by paying or appealing run the risk of having their vehicle towed and/or having a block placed on their vehicle's registration.