Brush Collection

About the Program

The Department of Public Service shall be conducting its Brush Collection Program from April through October, weather permitting. Please place brush out at curb before 7 a.m. on the designated deadline dates to guarantee collection. Brush collection is usually a week long process and can sometimes go into the next week. Brush shall be picked up from residential-developed lots only with existing homes, excluding private developments, condominiums, apartment complexes, and any other commercial properties.

Privately hired contractors (i.e., landscapers, tree trimmers) must dispose of brush without the benefit of this program. This program is subject to change due to circumstances beyond the city's control.

Preparing for Brush Collection

  • Brush should be no larger than 6 inches in diameter or 10 feet long, with cut ends towards and close to road. Keep piles clear of obstruction such as mailboxes, trees, telephone poles, etc. Limit quantity to the size of standard car.
  • No fence posts, construction material, wood pallets, leaves, or brush / plants with roots.
  • Wood chips, compost, and double-shredded mulch available at Audubon parking lot, 896 East Pioneer Trail, at no charge. Residents must provide own labor and equipment. No loading equipment allowed.
  • Brush may be placed the weekend before the deadline date for pickup. Brush placed curbside for extended periods of time may be subject to zoning violations.

Dates for Collection

Brush collection is usually a week long process and can sometimes go into the next week. Brush must be placed on the curb by the start date listed below.
  • April: Starts on April 22nd
  • May: Starts on May 20th
  • June: Starts on June 24th
  • July: Starts on July 22nd
  • August: Starts on August 26th
  • September: Starts on September 23rd
  • October: Starts on October 21st

Unacceptable Materials

The following should not be placed at curbside for brush collection:
Unacceptable Material Alternate Disposal Options
Fence posts and wood pallets
  • Cut into 4-foot lengths or less
  • Each piece must not exceed 50 pounds in weight or require more than 2 men to pick up
  • Bag and dispose in trash collection
  • Participate in city’s Leaf Collection Program in the fall
Brush with clumps of roots, thorns, stones, or brush mixed with trash
  • Tie into bundles not to exceed 50 pounds each
  • Place loose in trash container and dispose of with trash collection
Brush from private contracting work
  • Contractor to dispose of material without benefit from this program

Collection Route

Roads, Subdivisions & Developments
1 Northwest
Geauga Lake Area, Woodview Subdivision, Lakes of Aurora, Hawthorn Development, Villas of Barrington, N. Aurora Rd. (SR 43), W. Garfield Rd. (SR 82), Treat Rd., Weston Woods, & N. Chillicothe 

2 Southwest
Walden Subdivision, Old Barn Subdivision, Summerhill Subdivision, Woods of Aurora Subdivision, Tinkers Creek Subdivision, Four Seasons Subdivision, S. Aurora Rd., Maple Ln., S. Chillicothe (SR 43 at SR 82), W. Garfield Rd., Aurora- Hudson Rd., Kimberly Dr., & Old Mill Rd. 

3 Southeast
Greenview Estates, Country Club Subdivision, Chatham Estates Subdivision, Prestige Woods Subdivision, Highlands Subdivisions, Yorkshire Subdivisions, Wellington Subdivisions, E. Garfield Rd. (SR 82 at SR 43), Bartlett Rd., Page Rd. S. Chillicothe, (SR 43 at SR 82) & E. Mennonite Rd.

4 Northeast
Oaks of Aurora Subdivision, Bridal Path Subdivision, Cascades Subdivision, Centerville Subdivision, Thornhill Subdivision, Hidden Creek Subdivision, East & West Homestead Subdivision, Duneden Subdivision, Woodthrush Subdivision, Deepwoods Subdivision.  
Brush is collected by two crews and are expected to start in Quadrants 1 and 3. Please note that brush is expected to be on the curb by the designated deadline regardless of which quadrant you reside in to avoid any complications during pick up.