Water & Sewer Department


Quarterly water bills are due Saturday, May 28th.  Payments will be accepted until Tuesday, May 31st at 4:00pm without penalty.

Payments can be made: 

  1. Online payments can be made by using the "online payments" link which will direct you to the Invoice Cloud. When making a payment using a credit/debit card there is a maximum transaction amount of $350.00 plus fees.  If your balance is greater than $350 you would need to make multiple transactions or pay using a checking/savings account (no charge).
  2. By calling 855-948-1922
  3. Placing a check or money order in the drop box located at 158 W. Pioneer Trail (across from the High School). 
About the Department
The City of Aurora Water Department is responsible for providing a clean, safe, and dependable supply of drinking water to our residents.

The city currently purchases its water from Portage County Water Resources.
The water is supplied from Cleveland Division of Water, which comes from 4 intakes in Lake Erie and the remaining supply comes from a well field located on Coit Road and treated at the Shalersville Water Treatment Plant. Click here to learn more. 

Day-to-Day Operations

The Water Department is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of maintaining our water towers, booster pump stations, hydrants, valves, water mains, billing and providing customer service to over 5,000 customers.

Water Monitoring & Testing

The Water Department does periodic water monitoring and testing according to the Environmental Protection Agency standards, such as lead and copper, disinfectant byproducts, bacteria samples, chlorine and hardness. The results are published and made available to residents annually in our Consumer Confidence Report 

Important Announcement

On January 13, 2020, the City of Aurora will be launching a new online billing and payment solution called Invoice Cloud, offering more ways to view and pay your water/sewer bill, with many other convenient options

Invoice Cloud