Termination for Nonpayment Notice - Codified Ordinance 925.08


Water service may be terminated at any premises where any water bill remains unpaid after the date payment is due, subject to the following:
  • The Division of Water shall send to the account holder a notice of termination of service at least 15 days prior to such termination.
  • Water service at a premises terminated for nonpayment shall not be restored until all charges due and payable have been paid, whether or not there has been in the meantime a change of ownership or possession of the premises supplied.
  • A turn on charge of $35 must be paid before water service will be restored.

Certification to Property Taxes

In accordance with Section 925.05 of the Codified Ordinance of the City of Aurora, any account with an outstanding balance, (excluding the current billing quarter), will be certified to the County Auditor. Payments may be made up to the time of certification, but any balance remaining will be certified. Any account paid in full before certification occurs will be removed. The amount certified shall be a lien on the property served from the date placed on the list and shall be collected in the same manner as other taxes.

Notices of Certification

Notices of certification are sent to those customers of the Aurora Water and/or Sewer Distribution System whose account has a past due balance that may be certified. Each September the Water Department removes the past due balances from the account and forwards them to the county, which places them on the homeowners’ property taxes.