Rules & Regulations

Fees & Regulations - Ordinance 2021-150
The Aurora Cemetery is located on SR 43 and it is divided into 10 sections: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, GB, and I. Burials date back to the early 1800's and it is the final resting place for many veterans from the Revolutionary War to the present time.

Graves are available for purchase. Section GB is reserved for baby interments while section G is reserved for veterans and immediate family members. There are no graves available for purchase in the historical Sections A and B. Graves now purchased in Section C may be used only for ash interments.
Contact the Service Department at 330.995.9116 for additional information, to arrange regular burials, or for the purchase of regular burials. The City may arrange payments for grave purchases over a 5 month period.

Burial Regulations

All burial receptacles which exceed 50 inches in length shall be constructed of reinforced concrete, metal, or other similar permanent material commonly accepted for burial purposes, the composition and design of which shall be subject to the approval of the Service Director. This rule does not apply to indigent interments. In any 1 gravesite, one of the following combinations is permitted:
  • 1 vault interment
  • 1 ash interment
  • 1 vault interment with 1 ash interment on top of vault; vault burial must precede the ash burial.
  • 2 ash interments

Monument Foundations

Monument foundations shall be installed only by the City of Aurora and the cost thereof billed and paid for by the monument company, or the lot owner before installation.  The City shall provide and install a foundation free of charge for a veteran’s monument furnished by the U.S. Government. 

The Service Department installs cement and gravel foundations twice annually in both the spring and fall seasons as weather permits. 

Grave Monuments

Flush Monuments only are permitted in Sections E, H, and Veteran Sections G and H; monuments in Sections E and Veteran Section G shall be placed at the foot of the grave, but  monuments in the H Sections (both regular and Veteran) shall be placed at the head of the grave.  Above-ground and/or flush monuments are permitted in Sections A, B, C, D, F, GB, and I; monuments in these sections will usually be placed on the head of the grave.   As there is a mixture of headstones and footstones in some parts of the older sections, the decision to place a monument at other than the head location may be made jointly with the family and the Service Department. 

The length of any grave monument may not exceed 36 inches on a single grave or 72 inches on a double grave; the width may not exceed 16 inches, and the height may not exceed 4 feet. 

Plantings / Decorations for All Sections

 The planting of annual/perennial flowers and/or miscellaneous decorations is permitted at the gravesite within the one-foot perimeter around the designated monument area*. Those who place decorations on the gravesites are responsible to maintain these items; there are trash cans available for disposal of weathered items and there is access to water systems on onsite except in the winter months. The City does not assume liability for missing flower containers/decorations or damage to decorations/plants. The Department of Public Services conducts two annual cemetery cleanups in the spring and fall and all decorations must be removed during this time. Dates of this cleanup effort shall be posted on the Department’s website under "Cemetery", advertised in the Aurora Advocate, and placed on the community bulletin boards. Weathered and unseasonal decorations/plants may be removed and disposed of at the discretion of the cemetery crew at anytime during the year.

* The cement pre-cast foundation that holds a bronze veteran monument exceeds the area allowed for planting on all sides around the monument. It is suggested that decorations be placed at the front or backside of the veteran monument if this type of pre-cast foundation is used to allow for proper maintenance of the grounds.


Fees as of 1/1/2022

Fees are subject to change by the City of Aurora without notice. Traditionally, the fees are increased on January 1 of a new year authorized per city ordinance based on the cost-of-living index. Grave and burial fees must be paid prior to burial. Fees for the services rendered and work performed in the Aurora Cemetery by city employees shall be as set forth in the following fee schedule and shall apply to all sections of the Aurora Cemetery. 
Services Resident Non-Resident
Grave Space
Grave Space/ Veterans Section H
              (For Veteran and Spouse)
Grave Space for Veterans in Regular area
             (Veteran and Spouse only)
Grave Space in Veteran Section G




Adult Interment $594 $1036**
Adult Ash Interment $169 $343**
Ash/Vault Interment (Infant) $169 $324
Disinterment (hourly) $849*** $849***
Foundations (per sq. ft.)
Cement / upright monuments
$93/sq. ft.
(minimum charge $137.00)
$93/sq. ft.
(minimum charge $137.00)
Gravel/ flush monuments (per sq. ft.) $49 /sq. ft.
(includes labor)
$49/sq. ft.
(includes labor)
Pre-cast concrete, single size (Bronze-type markers other than federally issued) 
NOTE: No charge for foundations for U.S.
Government issued markers.
$54/sq. ft. + $63.00
labor per slab
$54/sq. ft. + $63.00
labor per slab
 ** Residential Burial Fee applies to a prior resident who purchased lots when a resident. 
*** Plus costs of materials
Add 50% for interments on Saturday or city-observed holiday.
Burial services scheduled that would require the cemetery crew to work beyond normal work hours(after 4 p.m.) will be charged an additional "overtime" fee based on individual circumstances.