Hauling & Work in Right-of-Way Permits

Hauling Permit

This permit is designed to protect the condition of the roadways when a hauler must utilize certain roads repetitively for a specific project (i.e., log hauling or heavy materials). The hauling of such material must not commence until this permit has been issued by the Director of Public Service or his / her representative.

Work in City Right-of-Way Permit

This permit is required whenever any work is to be performed in the city right-of-way. It is important to inform the department of what work is proposed. This permit applies to private contractors, homeowners, and utility companies. Once the application is submitted and approved by the Director of Public Service or his / her representative, work may commence. If inspection of work is necessary, it shall be indicated on the permit along with any additional information.

Private contractors need to be licensed to work in the city and may contact the Building Department in the Walker Building, 129 West Pioneer at 330-562-9564 for additional information.

Permit Forms