Bulk Water Availability
Water is available for pickup at:
Brown-Keidel Service Center
158 W. Pioneer Trail
Aurora OH 44202.

For more information, or if you are a new hauler, please contact the Water Department at 330-995-9109.

Bulk Water Billing
The cost for bulk water pickup is based on usage. The first 1,000 cubic feet (approximately 7,500 gallons) is billed at a flat minimum rate. All usage thereafter is billed at the current water rate. Minimum charges are based on a per day usage. Per Ordinance 1998-186, an additional 15% Administrative Fee will be added to your invoice.

Example: If you make 3 trips in 1 day, picking up 250 cubic feet of water each time, you will be billed a minimum for the day. If you make 3 trips in 1 week, on 3 different days, you will be charged a minimum each day.

We want to remind you that unauthorized use of hydrants or connections to the water main will not be tolerated. Please refer to the City of Aurora, Codified Ordinance, Article 925.99 Penalty.