Animal Control

The City of Aurora provides trapping services to residences and businesses if the animal creates a risk to the safety, health or welfare of its citizens. Requests are generally granted immediately while others may be referred for review and approval.

The review and approval process is based on the complaint, location of the problem and contributing circumstances.

If the request is denied, residents will be asked to correct the contributing issue before reconsideration or to contact a trapping service of their own choosing.

For additional information on dealing with nuisance wildlife:
ODNR's General Prevention of Nuisance Wildlife
AS Animal Control

​Lost Pets

In the event you lose your family pet, please contact the Aurora Police Department. The Aurora Police Department will record your pet's name, type of animal, breed, color and your contact information. If the police department is notified that your beloved pet has been located, we will contact you with when and where you can be re-united.

Please visit the links below for additional resources regarding found or lost pets:
Portage County Dog Warden's Office & Shelter
Portage APL
AS Animal Control