Snow Removal

Snow Removal Guidelines:

The City will salt and remove snow from dedicated streets as needed. Dangerous hills, curves, and bridges are monitored and treated as necessary throughout an event. All dedicated streets within Aurora receive snow removal service according to the following priorities that have been established based on traffic volumes and speeds: 

Priority 1

Main roads are plowed first to ensure emergency vehicles can move properly in and out of the city. These streets will continue to receive treatment as long as weather conditions continue. 

Priority 2

Secondary streets and main roads through subdivisions are priority 2. These streets will be plowed and salted once priority 1 streets have received treatment.

Priority 3

Residential streets, courts, and cul-de-sacs will be serviced once priority 1 and priority 2 streets are cleared.


Snow Removal

The City of Aurora makes great effort to ensure streets are safe during all snow and ice events. Our crews are “on call” 24/7 and are tasked with keeping over 220 lane miles of roadway clear during each event. The city prioritizes the route in which streets are cleared based on traffic volume and safety concerns. This generally results in the main arterial routes being cleared first, with minor collectors or secondary streets coming next, and last but not least the subdivisions and residential streets. The city currently operates with 18 trucks which are used to plow and salt our city streets and parking lots.

NEW: This year we have added a 7th man to each crew to ensure our main roads are safe. This man is designated to main roads only (RT 82, RT 43 & RT 306). 

Salt Program

As of 2019, our city can hold up to 3,500 tons of salt. Salt is used to melt ice off of the roads after accumulation is complete. Our crews will focus on main intersections, hills, and dangerous curves first before salting secondary streets and developments. Ice will not be used during heavy snowfall, but will be applied once accumulation is complete. 


Report Damage from Snowplowing Efforts

Homeowners may report damage to the mailbox or its assembly from the City's snowplowing efforts to the Department at 330-995-9116.   After inspection and if the City is responsible, the Department will repair the mailbox or assembly and / or replace the mailbox with like kind limited to standard wooden post and a standard metal mailbox or Step 2-type mailbox. Customized box reimbursement is limited to $60 per Ordinance 1999-250.

Homeowners are advised to keep the mailbox assembly in good condition. The force of the snow and ice thrown from the truck contributes largely to the damage.