Aurora Gas Aggregate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do I call if I have a problem with my natural gas service?

The local utility, Dominion Energy Ohio will continue to deliver your natural gas, read your meters and issue your monthly bills. You will continue to call Dominion at 800-362-7557 for repairs, billing questions, etc.

Who is the program supplier and does it cost anything to join?

Constellation New Energy - Gas Division, LLC, ("Constellation") won a competitive bid process and remains the City's endorsed supplier for a program that begins with the November 2021 billing cycle.  There is no cost to join and participation is voluntary.

What is our rate?

We were able to set a low fixed rate of $3.33/Mcf through the October 2025 billing cycle. This rate is very competitive to offers residents can find on their own. Furthermore, unlike many offers, our program has no penalty if you decide to leave early.

What if I'm with another supplier and would like to join the City's program?

You should check to see if your current supplier contract charges a penalty for early termination. If you would like to join, simply call Constellation (1-844-830-3342)  to enroll. It's best to have a recent bill handy before calling since they will ask you for your account number, service address...

Will I get 2 bills?

No. You will continue to receive 1 bill from Dominion East Ohio that shows their transportation charges and the supply charge of Constellation.

How much will I save?

Since gas prices fluctuate constantly and offers change frequently, it is impossible for anyone to predict savings.

Will I still receive a delivery charge from my local utility - Dominion Energy Ohio?

Yes. Even though you have chosen a new supplier of gas, Dominion continues to deliver the gas to our homes and businesses. They charge a transportation fee for all gas delivered and a flat monthly service charge. These rates apply whether you choose a supplier on your own or remain supplied by Dominion.

Am I charged tax on the gas I use?

Yes. County sales tax is assessed on the supply charges only. This charge applies regardless of who supplies your gas.

Can I remain on budget billing?

Yes. If you are on budget billing you will remain on budget billing. If you would like to switch to budget billing, call Dominion Energy Ohio at 800-362-7557.

Can I exit this program without penalty?

Yes. We negotiated the offer to enable you to leave at anytime for any reason without having to pay a cancellation charge.

What if I move?

Since there is no penalty from Constellation for terminating your agreement, there is no need to call them, unless you are moving to another Aurora address and wish to retain the offer. Anytime you move, it's a good idea to call your local utility to have your utility account terminated.

Who is eligible for the program?

1. Your local utility company must be Dominion Energy Ohio;
2. You must be a resident or business owner located within the city limits;
3. You must not be a PIPP (percentage of income payment program) customer;
4. You must not be in arrears on your bill payment; and
5. You must not be a mercantile customer (natural gas commercial accounts using over 500 Mcf/year)

What if I didn't receive a mailer from Constellation or threw it away by mistake?

Simply call Constellation at 1-844-830-3342 and they will enroll you over the phone.

How do I sign up for the program?

Residents and small businesses will have 4 ways to sign up for the offer from Constellation. You should receive a mailer explaining the offer:
1. Return the enrollment form in the pre-addressed stamped envelope.
2. Call Constellation at 1-844-830-3342.
3. Enroll online  here

How did the City develop such a program?

We have retained Independent Energy Consultants, Inc., a PUCO certified broker and aggregator of natural gas, without using any taxpayer money. They have designed, implemented, and administered similar successful gas and electric programs that impact over 100 communities across Ohio.  We will have their assistance and that of Constellation throughout the program.

Does the City Benefit from the Program?

Yes. The city-owned accounts will be eligible to receive the low fixed rate from Constellation.

Will small businesses, schools and churches be eligible?
Small commercial accounts using less than 500 Mcf/year (non-mercantile) are eligible.  Interested accounts using more than this amount should call Constellation to obtain this rate but may be asked to sign a contract that includes a penalty if terminated early.

If we choose Constellation and decide to go back to Dominion Energy Ohio can they charge a higher rate than what we were previously paying?

No. If you go back to Dominion you will be charged their Standard Choice Offer (SCO) rate. That rate varies monthly.

Does this affect my distribution charges or the gas pipeline coming to my home?
No.  Customer Choice programs in Ohio provide residents the ability to choose a natural gas supplier other than the local utility company.  The local utility's delivery charges are in addition to the supply charges.  Maintenance of the pipeline coming to a resident's home continues to be the responsibility of the homeowner. Contact Dominion Energy Ohio if you are interested in purchasing a monthly insurance policy on the line coming to your home. 

Where can I learn more about natural gas deregulation and assistance programs?
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has approved a number of additional assistance programs to help customers with their energy bills.  You may be eligible to participate in other programs and this offer from Constellation.  Eligibility and enrollment information about the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Winter Crisis Program (WCP) and others can be found on the PUCO's website at

Whom do I call if I still have questions about the offer?

Contact Constellation at 1-844-830-3342. Their call center is available for your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Their helpful and friendly call center staff is ready to answer your questions and take your enrollment upon request.